Montreal Prodigies Events: What Happened At Exposé Noir 2018


MTL Prodigies was cordially invited to a mysterious techno rave on May 19th. So what happened at Exposé Noir? It was an all-nighter packed with DJs, photography exhibition and a LOT of dancing.

Exposé Noir took place on May’s bank holiday weekend and we’re only just recovering from the techno party that went well into the early hours!

The night merged the underground rave scene with the sophistication of contemporary art. Obliterating the techno scene’s stereotype; the night felt artistic – each party-goer a part of the art.

Things kicked off at 21h…

Photo of Sven - red background, black silhouette. Sven wears black glasses and a suit

For the photography enthusiast, the event began early. We were treated to an intimate audience with Sven Marquardt. Marquardt is a charismatic, alluring photographer with an intimate connection to Berlin and its nightlife. With the aid of an English-speaking translator, Sven spoke about his art and its historical significance to Berlin.

His art depicts real Berlin: how the city’s dark history impacts the past, present and future of those who live within it.

His photos, (projected onto Fonderie Darling’s walls) were in black and white, yet colourful. The early photos from his career had a dark, aggressive theme but some surprised us: whimsical and dreamy.

His photography takes on the theme of street photography but is not ‘in the moment‘. He selects his subjects and the backdrop. However, his subjects are given freedom of expression: a key component to his art.

Just after 22hr the rave began…

Then the peace was gone. Party-goers began to pile into the warehouse space, the DJ at the front and centre: with a light show and heavy speakers that were ready to take on the music.

photo of expose noir - a DJ set can be seen with flashing purple lights and a crowd

The event’s DJs partied with the crowd – harnessing the intimate setting. As we danced alongside world-renowned artists, inhaling the smoky air, taking in the industrial backdrop – we felt we had stumbled into an underground Berlin nightclub.

The music was fierce, pumping through your chest, vibrating the soles of your feet. We danced so much that even our feet crying out for relief didn’t stop us.

If it got too much, Sven Marquardt’s art beckoned you in a side room. We ventured through black curtains and discovered a room: empty but with a platform in the centre, digital screens displaying Marquardt’s photos in a rolling slideshow.

It acted as the perfect escape from the hypnotic, techno sound. The blend of Sven’s art with the DJs’ catchy techno mixes appeared unusual but it worked. It took away the rave scene’s stigma: bringing to light its historical context and cultural importance.

The crowd themselves were a wonderful blend: individuals with their own style and reason to be there. We found it awe-inspiring and hope to see this clash of worlds at future events.

Now to recover…

If you were hardcore enough to last till 7hr, we salute you! The event lasted all night and we are VERY tired. Our feet may have been left at Fonderie Darling, but the memory was well and truly worth it. So is the throbbing headache.

Were you there? Tell us your thoughts:

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