Award-Winning Restaurants in MTL You Need To Eat At In 2018

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These Montreal restaurants just won awards – check below to see where you’ll be dining in the city tonight:

Monday marked Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie QuĂ©bĂ©coise – the 1st ever Quebec restaurant industry awards ceremony. The event celebrated Quebec’s finest and most innovative chefs, restaurants, mixologists and sommeliers. 

The winners (and finalists) are listed below.

Restaurant of the Year

The Winner is…

Le Mousso

Photo of the interior of Les Laurier's 'Restaurant of The Year' winner - Le Mousso

Le Mousso opened its doors in 2015, and has since gained a multitude of rave reviews; claiming it deserves a ‘Michelin star’. The owner and chef, Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, creates masterpieces influenced by Quebec cuisine.

The Finalists

Battuto, Bistro Rosie, Candide, Chez St. Pierre, Initiale, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Vin Papillon, Marconi and Montréal Plaza.

Chef of the Year

The winner is…

Colombe St-Pierre

Award winning restaurant chef owner St-Pierre stares outside her kitchen window smiling. The kitchen is in a moody black and white. Chef St Pierre wears a bandana in her hair

St-Pierre is the proud owner of Chez St-Pierre; a humble restaurant in Quebec town, Bic. The Eater reports she practically ‘somersaulted’ onto the stage to collect her award. Originally from Montreal, St-Pierre moved to Bic 15 years ago. Her restaurant focuses on the sustainability of Quebec’s environment. Her plates are literally ‘farm-to-table’.

The Finalists

Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, Éric Gonzales, Frédérick Laplante, John Winter Russell, Marc-André Jetté, Marc Olivier-Frappier, Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly, Nancy Hilton and Stelio Perombelon.

The Public Laurier Vote

The winner is…


Photo of Ricardo - he leans over a shiny kitchen island wearing a elbow-length, long-sleeved blue shirt. Exposed kitchen shelves sit behind

Renowned throughout Quebec, Ricardo won the people’s choice. Ricardo is a TV personality, columnist, author and chef. His website has over 2 million visits, 6,000 recipes and he alone has a social media following of over 450,000.

The Finalists

Christin Bégin, Chuck Hughes, Daniel Vézina, Josée di Stasio, Louis François-Marcotte, Marilou, Martin Picard, Normand Laprise and Soeur Angèle.

Revelation of the Year

The winner is…

Stéphanie Cardinal

Cardinal is the head chef at Le Vin Papillon. The restaurant serves comfort food including classic dishes.

The Finalists

Ann-Rika Martin, Maxime Lelièvre, Pascoline Gouin and Suzy Rainville.

Pastry Chef of the Year

The winner is…

Patrice Demers

Demers is a pastry chef and owner of Patrice Pâtissier. The patisserie is also a restaurant and classroom. The tax is free when you buy over 6 pastries (so bring a group!) Their lemon tart is a favourite.

The Finalists

Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller, Gaël Vidricaire, Paul Croteau and Stéphanie Labelle.

Sommelier of the Year

The winner is…

Marc Lamarre

His amusing bio on Le Clocher PenchĂ© claims he loves the Beastie Boys, has a supersonic voice and his favourite ‘cocktail’ is Pinot Noir. Lamarre knows a thing or two about booze, so we’re off to the SAQ to buy Pinot Noir.

The Finalists

Émily Campeau, Vanya Filipovic, Véronique Dalle and Véronique Rivest.

Mixologist of the Year

The winner is…

Patrice Plante

Photo of Plante mixing cocktails with another person. He pours alcohol into another glass

Plante is the founder of Monsieur Cocktail. The establishment offers mixology classes – so you too can become an award-winning cocktail maker!

The Finalists

Alexis Taoufiq, Nader Chabaane, Patrick Beaulieu and Tao Zrafi.

Table Service Prize

The winner is…

Alexandre Van Huynh

Photo of the inside of the Montréal Plaza: bistro chairs sits around white, table-clothed tables, leather booths

Alexandre took home the prize for best table service. You can locate award-winning service at Montréal Plaza. The quirky restaurant has an equally quirky website.

The Finalists

Arielle Bernard, Jonathan ThĂ©riault, Marc Lamarre and Rolande Leclerc.

Food Truck of the Year

The winner is…

Landry & Filles

People love their ‘Meatloaf Sandwich’; Landry & Filles is owned by Marc Landry. Landry has worked in Au Pied de CochonLemĂ©ac and Kitchen Galerie. Feeding MTL’s hunger for street food, Marc now runs his award-winning food truck. The bistro-on-wheels blends Quebec cuisine with classics.

The Finalists

Das Food Truck, Duck Truck, Mi Corazon and Monsieur CrĂ©meux.

Other awards included:

Producer of the Year, Company / Initiative of the Year, Prize for the Influence of Quebec Culinary Culture, Craftsman of the Year, Gastronomic Event of the Year and Gourmet Tourism Award. To see who won those categories, click here.

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