Check out these cool illustrations of Montreal: each artist bringing a different perspective to our beloved city.

At MTL Prodigies, we pride ourselves on building a community of like-minded, talented individuals who are trying to GOING TO make it BIG in the city. We hope that these cool illustrations of Montreal will inspire you on your next creative venture.

Montreal’s Clocktower

Created by art directer Micheal Descharles, this stunning illustration of Montreal’s beloved clocktower uses a gradient background. The clocktower itself resembles something out of a game: with its pixelated clock-face and 3D platform. Descharles has collaborated with City of Montreal, Coca-Cola, Sony and PlayStation. He’s also a fellow Montrealer!

illustration of Montreal's famous clocktower - the background is a gradient pink - blue and the tower sits on an island in the middle
Micheal Descharles

Old Port Montreal

Created by talented Montreal-based designer, Amina Afrin, this incredible artwork of the Old Port Montreal was a school project! If that’s what she produces for free, we can’t wait to see what Amina’s career is going to showcase.

Montreal illustration: purple bubble surrounds the Old Port of Montreal
Amina Afrin

Animated Logos Featuring Montreal Landmarks

This cute and simple gif was created by Josh Camire. We can’t take our eyes off it! He’s currently working in Montreal for a very cool app.

Gif in cartoon format demonstrating some of Montreal's famous landmarks and iconic buildings. The gif spins and evolves into different objects
Josh Camire

Montreal Guide

Created by graphic designer, Ronnie Rock (awesome name alert), this colourful guide to the city is bursting with character and Montreal charm. Rock is based in Poland, but has an international array of clientele. He’s rather rad.

Montreal travel guide: full of colourful illustrations on every page
Ronnie Rock


Montreal’s charm captured in a gif. We love the retro vibe, colour pallet and chilled atmosphere. Mathieu Bureau is the owner of Wolfgang Animation. The company’s works are visually entertaining.

Gif of a retro bistro scene - one man stands by a jukebox, there's a bartender filling up a beer and a lady sits at a bistro table smoking
Mathieu Bureau

Montreal’s Skyline

Émie Ratté is a Montreal-based illustrator with oodles of talent. Her colour choices are bold and beautiful and her art just as alluring. We love how she’s crammed all of Montreal’s iconic scenes into one piece of digital art.

Digital illustration of Montreal's landmarks inside a circle
Émie Ratté

Poutine Head

Created by Baldassari, we love the cheeky theme of this illustration. Who doesn’t love poutine? The artist, Baldassari, is originally from France and has been living in Montreal for over 10 years.

Illustration of a coffee cup with glasses on it to look like a head - the 'brains' are poutine
MC Baldassari

Sunday Afternoon

Amélie Tourangeau is a freelance illustrator, designer and animator based in Montreal. Her colour choices are sharp contrasts. She’s good at what she does: winning multiple awards. We can see why!

Illustration of le Plateau-Mont-Royal. The colours are a contrasting blue and red. A woman comes out of a building, another waves from her balcony. A window sits cacti, a bike is attached to a 'no parking' sign
Amélie Tourangeau

The View From My Window

Montreal is full of charm and character, which is brilliantly highlighted by Jonathan Dyck’s illustration. Here he draws the view from his window, featuring his room-mate’s bike. He is a freelance illustrator from the Prairies with extensive work all over Canada.

A window frames the illustration: outside in the distance is a building, a tree, plants lining the balcony and a bicycle.
Jonathan Dyck

Montreal’s Skyline

Created by Annie Illustration, this beautifully moody digital art captures the essence of Montreal during our colder seasons.

Moody illustration of Montreal - you can see Jaques Cartier bridge in the distance, fog wraps around brown buildings
Annie Illustration

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