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I started my photography journey 10 years ago when my late grandfather gave me his old Minolta film camera (photo above taken with it). This was the era in 2009 when outrageous digital party photography was a HUGE craze. I really looked up to this party/event photographer named The Cobra Snake during that time. His pop-culture, millennial style of capturing people in their most care free moments, enjoying the party stuck out to me, yet I didn’t have the funds to purchase a digital camera, I only had access to the Minolta film. Instead, inspired by his work, I worked with what I had and brought my film camera to my own events and captured shots in my own way. I grew such a love for film photography because the development part of the process was so exciting! It would take up to a week to reminisce on the memories shared, and it felt like a surprise every time because the contents of what were inside those film rolls were almost forgotten, like a bad hangover. The smiles on my friend’s faces when we’d review our crazy shenanigans from the week before was priceless. There was a brief moment after my high school days where I put my camera away, exploring my other artistic talents while my precious Minolta collected dust. Fast-forward 9 years, I found myself longing for something that would spark the artistic flame in me. I had tried Interior Design, Fine arts, Literature, Art History and not one of those art mediums filled the artistic void I was feeling. I then started working at Sephora where I would experiment with makeup and developed such a love for the harmonious blend of when art meets business. The only thing that was missing was some sort of camera to capture my makeup looks in their best light. The Minolta wouldn’t do it justice because I needed something instant. I realized I needed to invest in a new DSLR camera, and that is when I took that leap and finally bought myself a Canon DSLR to capture my makeup looks. In the weeks to follow, I had family and friends ask me to take photos of them for fun because what’s the fun of luxury if you can’t share it with those you love? We are now in the digital age where Instagram is one of the most important tools to help showcase your work as a photographer. The photos I had taken of my friends and family were circulated through social media and little by little I was getting tagged and asked to collaborate with bigger Instagram ‘influencers’. Still trying to find my way in the photography community, I wasn’t able to fully find what photography style best-suited me. My sister, as well as numerous friends really helped me grow as an artist by letting me use them as my muse. What I realized over time was that I didn’t have just ONE specific style of photo-taking. I was a portrait photographer going forward. I accepted that as an artist, it’s totally okay to dip into different styles of art. I never wanted to feel stagnant again and I wanted to continuously learn and grow as an artist so by experimenting with fashion photography, event photography, bridal photography, film etc, the ONE thing that felt seamless was the concept of human connection. That feeling of freedom, self-expression, and love flowed through me and gave me an out of body high every time I’d see how excited my photos made my subjects. Every time I’d make a new friend, network, and socialize through my art, I felt more and more confident in my craft. I knew in that moment that this is what I want to be doing; being surrounded by local artists, and people, using my art to celebrate their art & their proudest moments. From then on, I haven’t put my camera down. I’ve worked with many different artists, models, influencers, musicians & rappers, beauty gurus, corporate, political and wedding related events, product and fashion photography and have connected with so many great people in the process through a camera body and lens. My late grandfather would be very proud that I have put his precious cameras to good use, and will continue doing so as long as I live!


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