Plant-based fare with a conscience

The concept grew out of the vision of people passionate about food.
Our aim is to slow down and offer a healthy solution for customers concerned
about their well-being and the environment around them. Customers who know
how to indulge, who eat with pleasure and a conscience.

The 3 principles
of the botanical cuisine

– 1 –

Vegetables are the kings of the garden

We restore their glory. We celebrate their freshness and make sure that they take
centre stage, along with fruits, sprouts and other delights from the garden or orchard. We devote the same attention to each item from the garden that we showcase.

– 2 –

Freshness and more freshness

We love creating wonders out of nothing. In fact, to be precise, we create using
what our suppliers cultivate with love. It’s thanks to their hard work that we are able to offer natural, savoury ingredients and have insight to the secret of their origin. Freshness is what makes us special. It’s what confirms our authenticity. And it’s what makes our food so delicious.

– 3 –

Superfoods for all our super customers

They’re powerhouses of energy with purifying and antioxidant properties.
We believe that the pleasure of eating should go hand in hand with the pleasure
of energizing one’s body and spirit. This is why we add superfoods to all our dishes, making sure to share their benefits with our customers and celebrate all that nature has to offer.

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