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Award-Winning Restaurants in MTL You Need To Eat At In 2018

These Montreal restaurants just won awards – check below to see where you’ll be dining in the city tonight:

Monday marked Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie Québécoise – the 1st ever Quebec restaurant industry awards ceremony. The event celebrated Quebec’s finest and most innovative chefs, restaurants, mixologists and sommeliers. 

The winners (and finalists) are listed below.

Restaurant of the Year

The Winner is…

Le Mousso

Photo of the interior of Les Laurier's 'Restaurant of The Year' winner - Le Mousso

Le Mousso opened its doors in 2015, and has since gained a multitude of rave reviews; claiming it deserves a ‘Michelin star’. The owner and chef, Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, creates masterpieces influenced by Quebec cuisine.

The Finalists

Battuto, Bistro Rosie, Candide, Chez St. Pierre, Initiale, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Vin Papillon, Marconi and Montréal Plaza.

Chef of the Year

The winner is…

Colombe St-Pierre

Award winning restaurant chef owner St-Pierre stares outside her kitchen window smiling. The kitchen is in a moody black and white. Chef St Pierre wears a bandana in her hair

St-Pierre is the proud owner of Chez St-Pierre; a humble restaurant in Quebec town, Bic. The Eater reports she practically ‘somersaulted’ onto the stage to collect her award. Originally from Montreal, St-Pierre moved to Bic 15 years ago. Her restaurant focuses on the sustainability of Quebec’s environment. Her plates are literally ‘farm-to-table’.

The Finalists

Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, Éric Gonzales, Frédérick Laplante, John Winter Russell, Marc-André Jetté, Marc Olivier-Frappier, Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly, Nancy Hilton and Stelio Perombelon.

The Public Laurier Vote

The winner is…


Photo of Ricardo - he leans over a shiny kitchen island wearing a elbow-length, long-sleeved blue shirt. Exposed kitchen shelves sit behind

Renowned throughout Quebec, Ricardo won the people’s choice. Ricardo is a TV personality, columnist, author and chef. His website has over 2 million visits, 6,000 recipes and he alone has a social media following of over 450,000.

The Finalists

Christin Bégin, Chuck Hughes, Daniel Vézina, Josée di Stasio, Louis François-Marcotte, Marilou, Martin Picard, Normand Laprise and Soeur Angèle.

Revelation of the Year

The winner is…

Stéphanie Cardinal

Cardinal is the head chef at Le Vin Papillon. The restaurant serves comfort food including classic dishes.

The Finalists

Ann-Rika Martin, Maxime Lelièvre, Pascoline Gouin and Suzy Rainville.

Pastry Chef of the Year

The winner is…

Patrice Demers

Demers is a pastry chef and owner of Patrice Pâtissier. The patisserie is also a restaurant and classroom. The tax is free when you buy over 6 pastries (so bring a group!) Their lemon tart is a favourite.

The Finalists

Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller, Gaël Vidricaire, Paul Croteau and Stéphanie Labelle.

Sommelier of the Year

The winner is…

Marc Lamarre

His amusing bio on Le Clocher Penché claims he loves the Beastie Boys, has a supersonic voice and his favourite ‘cocktail’ is Pinot Noir. Lamarre knows a thing or two about booze, so we’re off to the SAQ to buy Pinot Noir.

The Finalists

Émily Campeau, Vanya Filipovic, Véronique Dalle and Véronique Rivest.

Mixologist of the Year

The winner is…

Patrice Plante

Photo of Plante mixing cocktails with another person. He pours alcohol into another glass

Plante is the founder of Monsieur Cocktail. The establishment offers mixology classes – so you too can become an award-winning cocktail maker!

The Finalists

Alexis Taoufiq, Nader Chabaane, Patrick Beaulieu and Tao Zrafi.

Table Service Prize

The winner is…

Alexandre Van Huynh

Photo of the inside of the Montréal Plaza: bistro chairs sits around white, table-clothed tables, leather booths

Alexandre took home the prize for best table service. You can locate award-winning service at Montréal Plaza. The quirky restaurant has an equally quirky website.

The Finalists

Arielle Bernard, Jonathan Thériault, Marc Lamarre and Rolande Leclerc.

Food Truck of the Year

The winner is…

Landry & Filles

People love their ‘Meatloaf Sandwich’; Landry & Filles is owned by Marc Landry. Landry has worked in Au Pied de CochonLeméac and Kitchen Galerie. Feeding MTL’s hunger for street food, Marc now runs his award-winning food truck. The bistro-on-wheels blends Quebec cuisine with classics.

The Finalists

Das Food Truck, Duck Truck, Mi Corazon and Monsieur Crémeux.

Other awards included:

Producer of the Year, Company / Initiative of the Year, Prize for the Influence of Quebec Culinary Culture, Craftsman of the Year, Gastronomic Event of the Year and Gourmet Tourism Award. To see who won those categories, click here.

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Montreal Prodigies Events: What Happened At Exposé Noir 2018

MTL Prodigies was cordially invited to a mysterious techno rave on May 19th. So what happened at Exposé Noir? It was an all-nighter packed with DJs, photography exhibition and a LOT of dancing.

Exposé Noir took place on May’s bank holiday weekend and we’re only just recovering from the techno party that went well into the early hours!

The night merged the underground rave scene with the sophistication of contemporary art. Obliterating the techno scene’s stereotype; the night felt artistic – each party-goer a part of the art.

Things kicked off at 21h…

Photo of Sven - red background, black silhouette. Sven wears black glasses and a suit

For the photography enthusiast, the event began early. We were treated to an intimate audience with Sven Marquardt. Marquardt is a charismatic, alluring photographer with an intimate connection to Berlin and its nightlife. With the aid of an English-speaking translator, Sven spoke about his art and its historical significance to Berlin.

His art depicts real Berlin: how the city’s dark history impacts the past, present and future of those who live within it.

His photos, (projected onto Fonderie Darling’s walls) were in black and white, yet colourful. The early photos from his career had a dark, aggressive theme but some surprised us: whimsical and dreamy.

His photography takes on the theme of street photography but is not ‘in the moment‘. He selects his subjects and the backdrop. However, his subjects are given freedom of expression: a key component to his art.

Just after 22hr the rave began…

Then the peace was gone. Party-goers began to pile into the warehouse space, the DJ at the front and centre: with a light show and heavy speakers that were ready to take on the music.

photo of expose noir - a DJ set can be seen with flashing purple lights and a crowd

The event’s DJs partied with the crowd – harnessing the intimate setting. As we danced alongside world-renowned artists, inhaling the smoky air, taking in the industrial backdrop – we felt we had stumbled into an underground Berlin nightclub.

The music was fierce, pumping through your chest, vibrating the soles of your feet. We danced so much that even our feet crying out for relief didn’t stop us.

If it got too much, Sven Marquardt’s art beckoned you in a side room. We ventured through black curtains and discovered a room: empty but with a platform in the centre, digital screens displaying Marquardt’s photos in a rolling slideshow.

It acted as the perfect escape from the hypnotic, techno sound. The blend of Sven’s art with the DJs’ catchy techno mixes appeared unusual but it worked. It took away the rave scene’s stigma: bringing to light its historical context and cultural importance.

The crowd themselves were a wonderful blend: individuals with their own style and reason to be there. We found it awe-inspiring and hope to see this clash of worlds at future events.

Now to recover…

If you were hardcore enough to last till 7hr, we salute you! The event lasted all night and we are VERY tired. Our feet may have been left at Fonderie Darling, but the memory was well and truly worth it. So is the throbbing headache.

Were you there? Tell us your thoughts:

Did you rave with us? We would love to hear from you – send in your photos, your stories and, if you have any other events you think we would enjoy, tell us about it! MTL Prodigies want to hear from emerging, talented Montrealers. You can contact us here.

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Read on

Find out more about the event and the artists:

Underground All-Nighter Art Exhibition Featuring International Artists and DJs

More things happening in Montreal:

Montreal’s Nuit Blanche 2018: What Happened And Tips For Next Year

Spring 2018 in Montreal – Festivals, Concerts & Events Happening In April & May

Underground All-Nighter Art Exhibition Featuring International Artists and DJs

Win tickets to Exposé Noir in Montreal May 2018: a techno event featuring world-renowned DJs and art instalment.

Craving an underground scene with techno DJs from around the world? Head to Fondarie Darling this May and experience Exposé Noir. The event returns for another year – with an exclusive lineup, ‘mystery guest’ and art exhibition. Did we mention we have free tickets to give away?

MTL Prodigies have partnered with the team behind Exposé Noir to offer TWO TICKETS to one lucky winner! To enter, do the following:

  1. Follow MTL Prodigies on Instagram.
  2. Like our Exposé Noir giveaway post on Instagram.
  3. Comment who you’d like to go with!

Winners will be announced Friday 18th.

To find out more about the event, scroll down!

The Event Details:

Below you will find the ‘Who, What, When, Where’ (that we can reveal!) of Exposé Noir: meet the DJs, discover the art exhibition and buy your tickets.

photo of expose noir - a DJ set can be seen with flashing purple lights and a crowd


Exposé Noir is an all-night party / art exhibition / we’re not completely sure and that’s what’s so cool about it. Guests can expect an authentic, underground scene. Lucky ticket-holders will get exclusive treats throughout the evening. Cameras are prohibited.


Attendees will experience a renowned DJ lineup including: Ellen Allien, Volvox, Atroxx and Syla. They will also be treated to an art exhibition by infamous photographer Sven Marquardt. ‘Mystery guest’ to be announced.

Ellen Allien

Photo of Ellen Allien, international techno DJ - a blonde woman leans on a blue, garage door wearing a bomber jacket.

Allien returns to Montreal after a long-awaited 2 years! One of the true, original faces to have emerged from Berlin’s techno scene, Allien’s gigs sell out fast. She has been producing techno dance tracks for 25 years and holds residencies at some of the hottest nightclubs in Europe.

Sven Marquardt

Photo of Sven - red background, black silhouette. Sven wears black glasses and a suit

Marquardt presents ‘Black-box’ an audio-visual photography instalment. Inspired from his work in Berghain, Sven wow’d the art world with his photography skills. With over 30 years industry experience, Sven studied at Die Deutsche Film AG and has worked alongside Rudolf Schäfer. His art is described as; “exalted dreams of pleasure and fear”. Sound provided by Marcel Dettmann.


Photo of Volvox - female DJ from Brooklyn. Volvox has an undercut, blonde haircut. She gestures with her hands, wearing a black, loose jacket

A Brooklyn babe, Volvox conquered New York with her acidic-sound and has DJ’d at parties across the world including Australia, Asia and Europe. Volvox repeatedly appears at Berghain, Panorama Bar, Boiler Room, and Resident Advisor.


“Expect nothing less than soul-crushing techno” – Atroxx is a native Montrealer with a lot of talent. His sound has a heavy-industrial vibe, paired with rhythmic melodies.


Producing music for over 10 years, Syla has worked with Cirque de Soleil and a multitude of international artists. Montreal born-and-raised, Syla’s sound is a mix of techno, house and electronic.


Photo of the Foundry Darling - an industrial building in Montreal

The event is taking place at Fondarie Darling, one of the first buildings to be given ‘industrial heritage’ status. The former-metalworks foundry is revived as a visual arts house. The industrial-style building is found in the Cité du Multimedia district of Montreal. Running the premises are Quartier Éphémère – an organization that revives abandoned buildings with contemporary art instalments.

Address: Darling Foundry, 745 Rue Ottawa, Montréal, QC H3C 1R8


Sat, 19 May 2018, 10:00 PM – Sun, 20 May 2018, 7:00 AM EDT.

Buy Tickets

Click here to get your hands on tickets before they’re sold out!

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Talented Montrealer’s Share Their Illustrations Of The City

Check out these cool illustrations of Montreal: each artist bringing a different perspective to our beloved city.

At MTL Prodigies, we pride ourselves on building a community of like-minded, talented individuals who are trying to GOING TO make it BIG in the city. We hope that these cool illustrations of Montreal will inspire you on your next creative venture.

Montreal’s Clocktower

Created by art directer Micheal Descharles, this stunning illustration of Montreal’s beloved clocktower uses a gradient background. The clocktower itself resembles something out of a game: with its pixelated clock-face and 3D platform. Descharles has collaborated with City of Montreal, Coca-Cola, Sony and PlayStation. He’s also a fellow Montrealer!

illustration of Montreal's famous clocktower - the background is a gradient pink - blue and the tower sits on an island in the middle
Micheal Descharles

Old Port Montreal

Created by talented Montreal-based designer, Amina Afrin, this incredible artwork of the Old Port Montreal was a school project! If that’s what she produces for free, we can’t wait to see what Amina’s career is going to showcase.

Montreal illustration: purple bubble surrounds the Old Port of Montreal
Amina Afrin

Animated Logos Featuring Montreal Landmarks

This cute and simple gif was created by Josh Camire. We can’t take our eyes off it! He’s currently working in Montreal for a very cool app.

Gif in cartoon format demonstrating some of Montreal's famous landmarks and iconic buildings. The gif spins and evolves into different objects
Josh Camire

Montreal Guide

Created by graphic designer, Ronnie Rock (awesome name alert), this colourful guide to the city is bursting with character and Montreal charm. Rock is based in Poland, but has an international array of clientele. He’s rather rad.

Montreal travel guide: full of colourful illustrations on every page
Ronnie Rock


Montreal’s charm captured in a gif. We love the retro vibe, colour pallet and chilled atmosphere. Mathieu Bureau is the owner of Wolfgang Animation. The company’s works are visually entertaining.

Gif of a retro bistro scene - one man stands by a jukebox, there's a bartender filling up a beer and a lady sits at a bistro table smoking
Mathieu Bureau

Montreal’s Skyline

Émie Ratté is a Montreal-based illustrator with oodles of talent. Her colour choices are bold and beautiful and her art just as alluring. We love how she’s crammed all of Montreal’s iconic scenes into one piece of digital art.

Digital illustration of Montreal's landmarks inside a circle
Émie Ratté

Poutine Head

Created by Baldassari, we love the cheeky theme of this illustration. Who doesn’t love poutine? The artist, Baldassari, is originally from France and has been living in Montreal for over 10 years.

Illustration of a coffee cup with glasses on it to look like a head - the 'brains' are poutine
MC Baldassari

Sunday Afternoon

Amélie Tourangeau is a freelance illustrator, designer and animator based in Montreal. Her colour choices are sharp contrasts. She’s good at what she does: winning multiple awards. We can see why!

Illustration of le Plateau-Mont-Royal. The colours are a contrasting blue and red. A woman comes out of a building, another waves from her balcony. A window sits cacti, a bike is attached to a 'no parking' sign
Amélie Tourangeau

The View From My Window

Montreal is full of charm and character, which is brilliantly highlighted by Jonathan Dyck’s illustration. Here he draws the view from his window, featuring his room-mate’s bike. He is a freelance illustrator from the Prairies with extensive work all over Canada.

A window frames the illustration: outside in the distance is a building, a tree, plants lining the balcony and a bicycle.
Jonathan Dyck

Montreal’s Skyline

Created by Annie Illustration, this beautifully moody digital art captures the essence of Montreal during our colder seasons.

Moody illustration of Montreal - you can see Jaques Cartier bridge in the distance, fog wraps around brown buildings
Annie Illustration

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12 of The Best Terrasses For This Spring / Summer 2018

Spring 2018 In Montreal – Festivals, Concerts, & Events Happening In April & May

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12 of The Best Montreal Terraces For This Spring / Summer 2018

It’s terrasse time: restaurants are setting up their patios and balconies. We’ve put together our favourite spots for a wine and dine under the sun.

Living in Montreal, when spring finally arrives, we all dash to a terrasse, patio or balcony. And stay there until the first snow falls.

Listed below are a selection of the most beautiful terraces Montreal has to offer – perfect spots to take photos and make your friends jealous.

Saint Anne de Bellevue

Photo of a terrasse on Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue - you can see the water, trees and a boardwalk
Photo: La Fondue Du Prince

Take a trip to the outskirts of Montreal and be spoilt for choice with terraces. At Saint Anne de Bellevue, boatsmen and pedestrians collide along the lakeshore. Boasting an array of restaurants; pick your spot and watch the yachts come in-and-out of the harbour.

La Terrasse  Saint-Ambroise

Photo of St-Ambroise terrace. Red umbrellas keep beer drinkers covered whilst the Silo 5 can be seen overlooking
Photo: St-Ambroise, McAuslan

A hot-spot after cycling through Lachine, stop-off for a pint at La Terrasse Saint-Ambroise. The bar doesn’t have to look far for their supplier: their McAuslan brewery is right next door! Soak up the views of the impressive industrial building, Silo 5.


Photo of Leméac restaurant. A terrace sits on the side of a brown-brick building in Montreal. The balcony is surrounded by flowering bushes and a canopy overhead
Photo: Leméac

This gorgeously authentic French eatery is a must-visit any time of year. With the additional seating of their stunning terrasse, head your way now!

Bistro Boris

Keeping to our French theme, Bistro Boris has an inviting patio. Surrounded by hanging foliage and stone walls, this rustic bar is perfect for a subdued evening out.

Terrasse Sur l’Auberge

Photo of Terrasse sue l'Auberge: the rooftop terrace overlooks Old Montreal
Photo: Terrasse sur l’Auberge

Offering envious views of the Old Port, this roof-top terrace is perfect to see the fireworks.

Café Santropol

For those who crave quirky, head to Café Santropol in the Plateau. The terrasse is decorated with artwork, a pond, mirrors and ornaments.

Taverne F

Photo of Taverne F's terrasse: white parasols keep diners in the shade as they sit by Place Des Festivals
Photo: Taverne F

With a ‘container’ vibe, Taverne F can be found at Places Des Festivals. They have a Portuguese menu and a patio that puts you right in the action.

Terrasse Nelligan

Photo of the rooftop view from Hotel Nelligan overlooking Montreal
Photo: Terrasse Nelligan

Vista: Terrasse Nelligan overlooks the Saint Lawrence River and Montreal Old Port. As well as beautiful scenery, the roof-top patio has an outdoor grill and cocktail-making-bartenders. Find it on the fifth floor of the Nelligan hotel.


Photo of the garden terrace at HVOR: green plants sit in between the simple chairs and an overhanding pergola
Photo: HVOR

HVOR’s vegetable garden doubles as their patio in the summer. Consume legumes fresh from the garden and feel like an organic god. Located in Griffintown.

Jardin Nelson

Opening mid April, this stunning inside-outside terrace is a classic spot in Old Montreal. Featuring live Jazz, the restaurant has a great drinks menu and unique vibe. Make sure to be seated ‘indoors’ for the best views!

Terrasses Bonsecours

Photo of Terrasse Bonsecours: the old port can be seen in the background. Palm trees and parasols
Photo: Terrasses Bonsecours

For the party-goer, head to the Old Port for Terrasses Bonsecours. It’s young scene and nightlife make this the hub for late-night drinkers.

Maison du Meunier

This city-owned restaurant serves food and drinks. Sit by the old barrage surrounded by mother nature and listen to the water flowing. Found in Ahunstic.

Have you been to a terrasse in Montreal recently?

Share your photo with the community! You can submit it here and be within a chance of being featured on the blog!

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Spring 2018 in Montreal – Festivals, Concerts & Events Happening In April & May

Come out of hibernation, Montreal – it’s Spring 2018 and we have a rundown of what the city is up to April & May.

Spring 2018 in Montreal is heating up with concerts, crazy sales, galas and free ice cream. Check below for our top events to attend. Don’t miss out!

Concerts & Shows


April through to May, see artists such as Bon Jovi, Harlem Globetrotters, Justin Timberlake, René Simard, Yves Pelletier, WWE and Peppa Pig Live! Check Evenco for tickets and more acts.

Le Balcon

From April 13 to May 11, get in to the fiesta spirit with a live Cuban band at Le Balcon. Ticket options include a dinner. Other events during April and May include Motown, soul and disco nights. Check their schedule for what’s on offer.

Cabane à Sucre

Photo of the inside of Sucrerie de la Montagne - rustic, wooden beams and long benches

Sucrerie de la Montagne

Sweet tooth? Sucrerie de la Montagne is open for business until May. You can expect an authentic experience: including traditional maple syrup, horse-drawn carriage rides, all-you-can-eat maple dishes and live music.

At One With Nature

Up-close photo of a butterfly. The black and white butterfly sits on an orange flowers

Butterflies Go Free

A favourite located at Montreal’s Jardin Bontanique. The annual ‘Butterflies Go Free‘ exhibition is a must. Enjoy the tropics inside the Main Exhibition Greenhouse whilst the butterflies flutter around you.


Spring 2018: Photo of a store partaking in the discount sale. Winter coats

The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers (La Grande Braderie Mode Québécoise)

Calling all shopaholics: it’s time to fight over a pair of $20 designer jeans. Discounts range from 50% – 80% off. Participating Quebec designers usually include: Mackage, Second Denim, Noujica, Shan, Rudsak and Tokaya. The Braderie is located at Marché Bonsecours. April 12 – 15.

Food Festivals

Fête du Croissant

Who doesn’t love croissants? For the pastry lover in your life, April 28 is dedicated to croissants. Devour $1.25 croissants (regular price: $2) across Montreal at participating cafés, boulangeries and pâtisseries.

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

On April 10th, walk into your local Ben & Jerry’s and get a free ice-cream! Since 1979, we’ve been gobbling free scoops. Join in with the rest of the world before it melts: find a participating store here.

Expos & Galas

Montreal’s Toycon

Have a little (or large) one who loves toys? Join in the fun at Montreal’s Toycon. Local and international toy companies to attend; demonstrating their latest toys to try and family favourites. A great family day!

Galas / Fundraisers 

Help raise awareness, donate, dine and socialize at a Foundation Gala. There’s an extensive list by Montreal Gazette detailing all the events you can attend. From early March till mid September.

Literary Delights

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival

Attracting writers from all over the world, this festival offers a multitude of activities catering to adults and children. Check their website for more information.

Film Festivals

Poster for Vues D'Afrique festival.

Festival Vues d’Afrique

Culture, fine dining, exclusive screenings and exhibitions are to be found at the Festival Vues d’Afrique. The festival is renowned as the most prestigious of its kind in North America. Attend and immerse yourself in African and Caribbean culture.


Montreal Medieval Fair

Step back in time at Montreal’s Medieval Fair. The fair includes acrobatics, battle competitions, vendors, music and much more. Plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Street Festivals

Aires Libres

The Société de Développement Commercial du Village partners with Ville-Marie Borough for it’s 10th street festival, Aires Libres. Opening in May and continuing till late September, expect a lot of fun. St Catherine Street Est. turns into a pedestrian-only street boasting 50 terraces, a floating bridge and photo exhibitions. May – September.

Music Festivals

Piknic Electronik Montreal - photo of the crowd in the park and a lit-up stage

Piknic Électronik 

The ultimate electronic music festival, Piknic Électronik, returns for its 15th edition. Starting in late May, visit Parc Jean-Drapeau every Sunday for epic DJ sets.


Queens of Egypts

An exhibition opening in early April, Pointe-à-Callière museum presents ‘Queens Of Egypt‘. The exhibition highlights wives, mothers and daughters of Egyptian Pharos dating back 3,500 years ago.

Montreal Museum’s Day 2018

Montreal Museum’s Day welcomes its 32nd year this Spring 2018. Museums across the city will open their doors with free admission for a single day in the year. Most of the museums partaking in the event are yet to be announced.

Have an event in Spring 2018 you want to share with MTL Prodigies’ community?

Get in touch with us! We are proud to support Montreal’s diverse community. We use our platform to share the community’s local events and festivals. Send us a message!

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Instagrammable Cafés In Montreal You Have To Go To In 2018

Montreal’s Nuit Blanche 2018: What Happened And Tips For Next Year

Instagrammable Cafés In Montreal You Have To Go To In 2018

Check in to these instagrammable cafés in Montreal. Here’s our top spots for your caffeine fix.

Montreal’s streets are brewing with instagrammable cafés. These chic coffee houses are a must-see if you live for caffeine like me. Warm up with a cup of coffee from Montreal’s steaming baristas while snapping photos of their interior design.

Bar Darling

Contrary to the name, Bar Darling has a relaxed seating area just for coffee lovers to sip from their cups. Visit for its ‘strangely mystical decor’ and ‘great coffee’.

Bar Darling - raining outside. Hanging plant pots sitting on shelves in the windows. Cosy.

Café Parvis

A hot spot – Café Parvis has a worn-in, understated vibe. The place is available for hire – perfect for staff who need espressos to get through a meeting.

Instagrammable cafés: Photo of Café Parvis: green paint flakes off a wall, wood tables and chairs, plants hanging above the window
Trifling Things

Tommy Café

In the heart of the Old Port, Tommy Café is a favourite. With its intricate interior and elegant vibe, people flock here with their books and Macbooks.

Tommy café: fake green leafs hang from an unused ceiling fan, wainscoting lines the windows and walls, wonder steps separate the different work spaces

Café Myriade

A hub for students, this cool café prides itself on sourcing from Canadian suppliers. They have 3 locations  – so you’re likely to bump into them and find a seat!

Interior of Café Myraide - wood and granite islands, glass pastry display, padded, leather booths and bubble spot lights
Café Myraide


For the minimalist – this refreshingly simple cafe is a great spot to unwind. They also have a truck in the summertime for an on-the-go caffeine shot.

Minimalist instagrammable café - white bar sits in the middle of the space. Not much seating - benches in the windows.

Café Falco

Do your creative juices get flowing when you see industrial decor? Check out Café Falco. Sip Japanese coffee while you take in the exposed piping and fight over who gets to sit in the hammock.

Photo of the interior of Café Falco - exposed piping, a hammock seat, European radiator and exposed, grey brick

The Standard

Aside from it’s to-the-point name, the café is far from ordinary. With its herringbone floors, gold pipes and moody colour palette – don’t be camera-shy!

Visited an instagrammable café in Montreal? Submit it to the community and we’ll credit you in the post!

At Mtl Prodigies, we pride ourselves on community. If you have a photo of a Montreal café, send it to us and we will give you a shout out.

Join in the conversation

We love to see our community thrive and help each other – you can get social via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Montreal’s Nuit Blanche 2018: What Happened And Tips For Next Year

Nuit Blanche; one of the biggest night’s In Montreal’s calendar, was illuminated with DJs, art exhibitions, food joints and fairground rides.

Photo of the Quebec Maple Ferris Wheel at Montreal en Lumiere and Nuit Blanche in 2018

The Nuit Blanche scene: shoulder-rubbing-crowds, booming music, food trucks, neon lights and lots of fun. The event is always a hit due to the unlimited, free activities. This year was no disappointment.

The festival lures you in with the variety on offer. Attendees included families, students, adults and party-goers.

It was a bustling experience; somewhat overwhelming. Intoxicating aromas of smoked sausage around the fire pits, people singing, dancing and neon lights. The festival consumes you fast if you aren’t prepared.

That’s why I’m sharing my experience with you guys in the hope that next year, you can enjoy it with the same intensity that the night throws at you.

Surviving Nuit Blanche

Hold on tight – it’s a long night. Be sure to make a plan before you arrive – unless you have a clear idea of what you want to do, the festival can chew you up.

Check out their programmed themes for a quick, tailored evening. There are 3 themes: a family night, an artistic evening and a mix-it-up option for those who love it all!

Getting Around

Map It Out

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE also provide a digital map of the festival, outlining where you can find each activity. Take note: out-and-about this map can be confusing. It’s not responsive – meaning on mobile devices it’s complicated to read.

digital map of Nuit Blanche 2018

Pro tip: my advice would be to do your research before you go – note down the addresses. The website also has a cool feature called ‘My Festival’ where you can cherry pick events you want to attend and keep them saved. You can find this feature along the menu of the index.

The good news is you can’t go wrong heading to the heart of it all on 400 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H3A 1L4. This is where you will find fire pits (cook your own sausages!), cool little igloos hosted by SAQ and a family fun zone.

It is packed full of activities and acts as the hub of the nightlife.

Take Public Transport

Each year, the STM offer a 24hr service on the metro, buses and shuttles. Getting about is simpler than ever!

Pro tip: I recommend taking the Metro – as a lot of the sights can be found along a 4 mile walk in Montreal’s Underground City. If you have will and a hunger for art – this is ideal for you.

Sad fact: unlike the many events, these services are not free!


If you are coming from outside Montreal and taking the car – there are plenty of parking options available. Parking in Montreal can be tedious and expensive. Especially when a festival is happening.

Pro tip: we parked at Metropolitan Parking Inc: 1801 Av McGill Collège, Montréal QC H3A 3P3, Canada which is less than a 10 minute walk from the festival centre. It’s also one of the cheapest, underground parking options: just $8!

Family Fun

Nuit Blanche photo: a small boy enjoying the festival
Wibo Nacino

One of the features that stood out was the Family Fun Zone. As a parent myself, I understand how complicated it can be to get the balance between entertaining your kids and not breaking the bank. Fortunately, most of the activities your little ones can enjoy here are free.

Seek out the following: RBC Sports Zone, Milk Urban Slide, CBC/Radio Canada Olympic Zone and Quebec Maple Ferris Wheel.

For The Foodies

It is a well-known fact that the Montreal food scene is hot, hot hot! And for the foodie in your life, Nuit Blanche provides. What kind of foodie are you? For the sophisticated one – make a reservation at one of the many restaurants partaking in the festival. Or go casual and grab some fast-food.

Food trucks are scattered all around – catering to your foodie needs: poutine, beavertails and the Food Network to name a few.

A heads up: food trucks are popular. Prepare to queue for at least 20 minutes. Choose your truck wisely!

If queuing is not for you, may I recommend attending a food event instead. These activities usually require a reservation and often charge around $50 for tickets.

Your food choices range from culinary tours, to fine dining, a la carte menus and food tastings. Check out what restaurants you can try out here (click on the ‘Fine Dining’ menu option.)

Get Arty


Montreal’s art scene always draws me in. Whether a festival is on or not, you can wander old Montreal’s many art galleries and soak up some artistic inspiration. Fortunately, at Nuit Blanche, artists showcase their work till 2am for FREE.

We wandered the Belgo Building (which is just a few minutes outside of the main area). Spanning 4 floors with long corridors; enter the doors to artistic expression. The event is unassuming; you feel like you’re wandering through your old school late at night.

There was choice aplenty for the artistic types; with art galleries taking part all over the complex. Refer back to the digital map to locate where they were.


In downtown Montreal, you are spoilt for choice with hotels. Select hoteliers opened their doors to weary explorers. I would recommend booking a hotel if you plan to enjoy the festivities over the weekend. You will need a comfy bed to crash after all the walking that comes with Nuit Blanche.

Some of the hotels even indulged guests in a la carte menus!

For the risky types: ever wanted to stay in 5 star accommodation at a seriously reduced price? Check out Montreal en Lumiere’s ‘Mystery Hotel’ package. You don’t know where you’re staying until after booking!

You can find who took part in the festivities here.

The Music Scene

ferris wheel at nuit blanche

Montreal has an impressive music scene – it goes alongside our partying nature! As you approach the Open Site, you can hear distant booms of subwoofers. And as the lights guide you, so does the sound of a diverse musical line-up.

The music mash-up consisted of hip-hop,  a Metro station with music, choirs, pop artists and concerts. You can see the full line-up here. Know what you fancy listening to though – it’s quite the list!

For The Movie Buff

If you want to get away from the crowds, the noise and the chaos, the festival also hosted late-night movie screenings. One of the showings, (which really stood out, due to the event’s name) was Total Crap: a montage of some of the worst cinematic moments in history. And for as little as $5, there was SPASM – a series of short films with a side of drag queens.

For a more serious movie night there was Cinéma au Palais: a series of short films made by young adults and teenagers depicting what it is like to live with autism.

Alternate Activities

If you haven’t guessed by now, the festival offers a magnitude of activities. There were dance contests, improvisations, readings and writing workshops, an Ice Dance Show, Inflatable water course and late-night Yoga.

Last But Not Least

If you’re planning to attend next year, (and hopefully you are after reading this), it’s most important that you soak up all that the festival has to offer. Montreal is a vibrant, cultural, expressive city that parties hard till the early hours – especially during Nuit Blanche!

The greatest part of the festival is how it caters to all personalities and all types of groups. So, in that sense, this is one of the optimum times to visit. Just be sure to wrap up warm because our little part of the world can get VERY cold!

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Did you attend Nuit Blanche this March 3rd – 4th 2018? What did you enjoy most, what should we mention? Leave a comment below.